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Sundiego Vans Am Slam stop #3!

The Sun Diego Vans Am Slam hit Chula Vista on 7/17/10 for the third stop of the tour.  The tour culminates with a championship contest at the Vans skatepark in O.C.  If you are not familiar with this tour, take it from me that you need to get out to the next stop on 8/28/10 at the Carmel Valley skatepark.  There is incredible amateur skating happening right here in San Diego.  You will not believe how amazing these skaters are.  These riders will melt your face with amazing tricks and powerful skating.  Each stop I am blown away that the riders can keep up this level of riding stop after stop.

In the 13 and under division you had skaters as young as 6 showing the crowd what they have.  It was great to see some of the smaller kids not being afraid to mix it up with the bigger kids. The three kids on the podium had great use of the park and tricks that were well above their age.  The results had Alexis Ramirez in third, Zach Saraceno in second, and Rene Serrano with the win. Zach and Rene are only 100 points apart going into the next stop.

Things started to get hotter with the 14-16 division.  They took the riding to another level.  Big airs, use of the whole park, and long grinds stuck out to me in this group.  I was impressed that at this age they were kick flipping down 6 stair sets and pulling long board slides.  In the end, creative use of the park helped propel the winners to the podium.  Diego Navarez gets third, Eric Winkowski comes in second, Peejay Encina gets the win.  Peejay has a big points lead going forward.

Moving into the 17 and over division the skating just keeps getting better.  Higher airs, longer grinds, kick flips into board slides, and tre flips and big spins down the 6 stairs stood out in this division.  Use of the park, creative and flowing lines, and big tricks were necessary to get on the podium. Patrick Swiggs had the best combination and took the win, Joshua Briggs gets second, and Dolan Stearns earns third.  Patrick and Dolan are very close in points, look for these two to step it up moving forward.

Now on to the money round.  The open division is where the big show is, and these skaters delivered.  This group is really close to making it to the big league AM contests, and you will hear about several of these riders in the near future. These guys really used the park to it's fullest.  The crowd had to get out of the way a few times to allow these skaters to go places that no one expected.  Kick flips into manuals, flip in shove it out board slides, the biggest airs, and tricking the biggest obstacles were par for this division.  There were lots of contestants so this division had 3 jams and a big final.  If you have not had the chance to watch a quality skating competition with 9 or 10 skater jams you are really missing out on a great show.  There are skaters all over the place with non-stop tricks being thrown each second.  In the final the skating only got better.  Full park use, the biggest tricks on the most difficult obstacles, and style had to all come together to place in this tough division.  At the end of the day Jake Hill gets third, Brandon Villanueva lands in second, and Bryant Chapo gets his second win of the tour.  Brendan has a 600 point lead on Bryant, but Bryant has two wins.  This division will not be decided until the end in Oceanside.

The trick of the day is usually quite difficult to decide, but Ivan Ortiz's frontside bigspin off the waterfall roll in to flat easily stood out.  This is a giant trick he did with a 12 foot fall to flat concrete.

To view the schedule for the remaining stops of the tour click here., or visit  To view all my photos, more than 150, from this contest, click here!


The Wiley One Connect the Dots Tour hits So Cal 7/21

The Wiley One are bringing their new songs and environmental conscience message to Southern California.  This video talks about the innovative bus they will be on:

To see the tour poster with all the dates, click here.

The biggest shows on the list for me are 7/23 at The Krause Family YMCA skate/bike park located at 3401 Clairemont Dr, San Diego, 92117.  There will be a skate demo, solar powered concert, and green education. Don't miss this great event at a tremendous skate park.

The following day, 7/24, The Wiley One will team  up with Surf Rider San Diego for a beach cleanup and acoustic performance at Mission Beach.  Come help do some good and have a blast at it!

Both of the above events are FREE! Yes I said FREE! Come out, have some fun, and see a great band perform.

If you like the track "Never Bored on a Board" playing in the video, you can download the track free (for a short time longer) by clicking here.


Double Corks Rock, but Triple Corks are Smokin'!

You saw Shaun White, Kevin Pearce, Louie Vito, Danny Davis, and others doing double corks in the half pipe at the events leading up to the Olympics.  I cannot tell you the amount of work, dedication, and brass ones it takes to throw a double cork in the first place, but all of the riders above threw them in their runs.  An interesting little factoid, Kevin and Danny are members of the same crew, Frends.  If you have been paying attention, you would think Louie is a Frend too, but he is not officially listed at the site.  Louie definitely pals around with them at least. If you are not familiar with these tricks or the riders, Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis both suffered crippling injuries and did not make it to the Olympics to give Shaun the challenge of a lifetime.  That said, Kevin was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, you should sign up and vote for him here.

The impressive display left many people wondering what was next, can you say triple cork?

Torstien Horgmo landed the first triple cork ever filmed, check this out:

I watched that footage 10 times and was just as stoked as I was the first time.  Watch it again, it's free!

This morning, lighting up Twitter, is Sammy Carlson with a switch, triple corked, 1260!  Sammy always uses his feet sticks to their fullest, but I am blown away by this, have a look:

I know that both of these tricks were done on some of the biggest jumps ever seen, but they are getting the rotations down, and soon enough we will see these tricks in slope style events, and then, if we are lucky, in the half pipe.  Shred on and keep the progression going!


Street League and ESPN, a great team!

Street League, the new invitation only street skating competition tour teams up with ESPN to televise the events! I cannot think of a better television partner, especially considering the real-time scoring that will happen in Street League. 

On June 24, 2010, Street League put on a demo in San Diego, and I was there to witness Paul Rodriguez and Chris Cole put on a clinic of top notch skating! The pictures you are seeing are from that event!  To see more of my photos from this demo, click here.

Below is the official ESPN press release:

Street League DC Pro Tour fueled by Monster Energy Secures Domestic and International Distribution
Street League Skateboarding™ announced today that they will be entering a multi-year partnership with ESPN for worldwide distribution in more than 198 countries.  The 2010 Street League DC Pro Tour fueled by Monster Energy is a prestigious, invite-only, three-event series featuring the top 24 pros in the world.  Founded by twenty-year professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek, Street League™ raises the bar of competitive professional skateboarding with the most prize money in skateboarding history, skate plaza course design in world-class arenas and an instant-scoring format that makes every trick count. 
What Dyrdek has done for skateboarding with the creation of Street League is right in line with the quality sports programming that is the cornerstone of ESPN,” said Chris Stiepock, ESPN vice president, sponsorship and content, X Games Franchise.  “We are excited to broadcast competitive street skating with the world’s best pros in a package that is both compelling and new for our audience.”
Dyrdek said: “ESPN is an absolute perfect fit for Street League, and it is undeniable that they have helped lay the groundwork for televised skateboarding 16 years ago with the launch of X Games and have stayed with it ever since. With this deal, competitive street skateboarding will finally move from afternoon programming on the weekends to consecutive primetime slots so the audience finally has a chance to tune in and watch the same time every week.”
Street League™ will air the first stop of the tour beginning Wednesday, September 15 at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN2 and will continue its coverage of each stop every Wednesday at the same time slot through September 29th.
Street League™ features the exclusive participation of 24 of the best street skateboarders in the world. To assist their transition into the league, each pro has been given the option to compete in two non-sanctioned wildcard events until the end of 2010.  Beginning in 2011, the pros will compete exclusively in the Street League™ series and other Street League™ sanctioned events worldwide.  Street League™ will work in conjunction with ESPN to allow Street League™ pros to participate in ESPN-owned events for the duration of the partnership.
Using real time scoring and an exciting proprietary competition format, Street League™ will tell a compelling story about each skateboarder’s performance and will have fans on the edge of their seats from the first trick to the very last.  The inaugural year of Street League™ features a three-stop arena tour beginning at Arena in Glendale, Arizona on August 28th; Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California on September 11th; and the final stop in Las Vegas at the Thomas & Mack Center on September 25th.  The skaters will be competing at each event for a total purse of $1.2 million.   For more information please visit
About ESPN
ESPN, Inc., The Worldwide Leader in Sports, is the leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment company featuring the broadest portfolio of multimedia sports assets with over 50 business entities.  Based in Bristol, Conn., ESPN Plaza includes more than 700,000 square feet in more than a dozen buildings on 116 acres.  The company is 80 percent owned by ABC, Inc., an indirect subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. 
About Street League Skateboarding ™
Street League Skateboarding™ is the first sports entertainment property that gives professional street skateboarding its very own league for individual competition.  Street League™ features the exclusive participation of the world’s best professionals, the most prize money in skateboarding history with a $1.2 MM purse, and real skate plaza course design inside world-class arenas.  Driven by the need to enhance the experience of live professional street skateboarding, Street League™ utilizes real-time scoring and a proprietary format that makes every trick count. Street League™ is created and hosted by twenty-year professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek.  More information is available at

Pay attention for details, and get tickets to what surely will be one of the can't miss events of the summer!

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