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Gatorade Free Flow Tour in Perris!

On June 12, 2010, Perris, CA was treated with the Gatorade Free Flow Tour.  If you are not familiar with the tour, the GFFT is the "minor leagues" of the Dew Tour. GFFT holds many events across the country looking for the best amateur BMX riders and skateboarders.  I was blown away by the level of riding at this event.  The Junior division that consists of riders 12 years old and younger was great to watch.  These kids were throwing 360s, tweaked out airs, tail whips, tucked no handers, and one kid even threw his first back flip (3rd try) ever! Official results were Parker Heath 3rd, River Bias 2nd, and Pierce Howell 1rst.  Pierce (1rst) and Parker (3rd) consider the Krause Family YMCA in Clairemont their home park, and I do as well.

In the open division, the park riding was on par with the pros!  The riders are raising the bar of what is considered amateur to a level that is unbelievable.  I saw double tail whips, superman whips, 360 whips, front flips, flairs, flair whips, and even 720s!  Daniel Sandoval, Kevin Peraza, and Chris Rivers, listed first to third, are names to remember, they will be pros soon!  I felt lucky to be watching these guys.

The dirt contest, in it's first year with the GFFT, was the star of the show.  The blasting airs, creative use of the dirt park, amazing level of riding, and the fast paced action was outstanding!  I was seriously impressed these guys were putting down corked 360s, double tail whips, tail whip 360s, back and front flips, and again 720s, one into a banking left hander! Larry Edgar was seriously blasting into the atmosphere, going bigger than anyone else. In the slide titled extension, he has that amount of style at the apex of a 360 tail whip in the middle of a run! Daniel Sandoval's superman whips and 720s were amazingly polished, and since he won the park contest , I have to give the MVP award to him!  Kevin Peraza borrowed a 26" bike (usually riding a 20" bike) from a Demon Dirt rider and killed it.  Ending one of his first 26" dirt runs ever, he landed the super man in the slide show, and the crowd went wild! Official results were Kevin Peraza 3rd, Daniel Sandoval 2nd, and Larry Edgar with the win.

After driving 160 miles in a 12 hour day to cover this event I was still hyped up.  I had to view the hundreds of pictures I took right away.  I will share them all soon, but for now you will have to live with the slide show.  If you were in the event, chances are I have shots of you, send an email to and I will share previews.  Thank you Gatorade, Allisports, and The Compound for providing such an excellent amateur contest to encourage the next generation of riders!

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